Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clocks

Anton Schneider started to make cuckoo clocks in 1848, in his farmhouse in Schonach in the Black Forest. The company’s headquarters have not changed since 1952. It is located in Schonach, on the Triberger road. Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks company can be proud of its long tradition. Six generations have been working and improving their activity.

These Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks are unique and special. It’s interesting that you can find diverse types of cuckoo clocks, with different themes and aspects. During the process of designing, manufacturers give a lot of attention to these clocks.

They dedicate a lot of time to details, managing each time to surprise us with some new, unusual detail that makes them different. Likewise, they try to introduce us to the Black forest way of life, showing everyday situations.

Unique and Special Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clocks

Their workshops include sections for carpentry, woodcarving, clock assembly, and the final check. In this way, Anton Schneider company keeps the whole clock production under control, making assured that the quality is at the highest level.

No doubt that these Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks are very popular, wonderful and every single of them represents a piece of art.