Christmas Cuckoo Clocks

Christmas is knocking on our doors and it is time for gifts. There is no better way to conjure up that special holiday spirit than magical Christmas cuckoo clocks.

Favorite children’s games and winter joys somehow always remind me of the special charm of the holidays. The one thing that is indispensable, apart from gifts, is snow.

A beautiful snowy ambiance adorns the cuckoo clocks. A snowman, Christmas tree, colorful lights, Santa – make an inevitable part of these clocks.


Magical Christmas cuckoo clocks


Now you have an opportunity to greet every day with your favorite, well-known cartoon characters. For example, the main characters from “Nightmare Before Christmas” will celebrate with you in a crowded Christmas town.

Also, Snoopy and Charlie Brown with their friends will do their best to make this Christmas magical.

If you need a flawless, unique present that will enchant everyone Christmas cuckoo clocks with various characters is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Halloween town is waking up to celebrate the holiday. Dark colors contribute to a creepy event. On every hour, zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. Your favorite characters from “Nightmare before Christmas” are here again.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    The Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the delightful charms of Christmas Town from Tim Burton’s movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with The Nightmare Before Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock, a first-of-its-kind timepiece.

  • Hallmark Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Hallmark Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Adorable Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock plays music, light up and then some of the characters move. Drag the mass at the bottom and it rotates and plays the music.

  • Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock - Front View

    Mark Feldstein CKPNX Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock

    Each hour is announced by snoopy coming through the attic doors, accompanied by the memorable “Linus & Lucy” song. The whimsical clock features a swinging pendulum that can be removed for mantel or tabletop display. At nighttime, a light sensor deactivates the song allowing snoopy (and you) to catch some sleep.

  • Winnie The Pooh Pooh-Koo Clock QXD1031 Hallmark

    Winnie The Pooh Cuckoo Clock QXD1031 Pooh-Koo Clock

    Christmas tree ornament
    Hallmark 2012 keepsake ornament


  • Red Nosed Reindeer Rudolph Cuckoo Clock

    Red Nosed Reindeer Rudolph Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the longest-running TV Christmas special in history with the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rudolph cuckoo clock. Overflows with charming details and 10 beloved characters, including Clarice, Hermey the Elf, Sam the Snowman, Santa, and Rudolph.

  • Peanuts Gang Snoopy Cuckoo Clock

    Mark Feldstein Peanuts Gang Cuckoo Clock

    This Peanuts Snoopy gang wall clock by Mark Feldstein is made of acrylic with icy blue color, in the spirit of the holiday. Cheerful friends celebrate and sing Christmas Carols. Snoopy emerges through the attic doors, while the “Linus & Lucy” song plays.

  • Charlie Brown Christmas Cuckoo Clock - Side View

    Charlie Brown Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Complete Christmas spirit with this amazing Peanuts wall clock. Gold decorative pendulum with text “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. Gold dial with black hands and numbers. Figurines of Charlie Brown and his friends.