German Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

Cuckoo Clocks from Germany

German cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are the most authentic and traditional clocks, made in Germany by the finest clockmakers.

Still, it is unknown who designed it and where the first German cuckoo clock was constructed.

German Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

The original Black Forest cuckoo clocks from Germany are connected with Franz Anton Ketterer. A clockmaker from the village of Schönwald.

There are various styles of these cuckoo clocks.

The two most popular German cuckoo clock forms among collectors and buyers are the traditionally carved style cuckoo clocks and the chalet-style cuckoo clocks.

With modernization, we are seeing new styles of clock designs, modern style cuckoo clocks. Also, today is a very common themed cuckoo clock.

There are a lot of clocks that are now made with battery-powered work. This means, there is no need to wind your cuckoo clock every day or week.

  • Chalet Cuckoo Clocks

    Chalet Cuckoo Clocks (85)

  • Hand-Carved Cuckoo Clocks

    Hand-Carved Cuckoo Clocks (59)

  • Modern Cuckoo Clocks

    Modern Cuckoo Clocks (12)

  • Themed Cuckoo Clocks

    Themed Cuckoo Clocks (74)

  • Disney The Lion King Wall Clock

    There is no person who didn’t prefer this Disney’s character, Simba. You have an occasion to enjoy the spirit of the Pride Lands with this extraordinary The Lion King wall clock. The clock actually shows the savannah sky with numerals and black hands in the center.

  • Snow White Cuckoo Clock by August Schwer

    This German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest has a mechanical REGULA movement from the market leader SBS-FEINTECHNIK in the Black Forest/Germany. The clock can be silenced manually with a lever. The melodies change every hour between the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss.

  • Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Celebrate some of Disney’s most famous starring roles with this charming Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock. Hand-sculpted and hand-painted in 3 delightful dimensions. Licensed from Disney.

  • Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Wonderful Disney Snow White clock from Bradford Exchange. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hidden Treasure Clock. Everything is hand-crafted, hand-painted, and absolutely perfect.

  • Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    This marvelous Harry Potter wall clock recreates the most famous school of wizard and witchcraft – Hogwarts Scool. Harry Potter with his friends, Hermione and Ron, perform the magic. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this handcrafted wall clock is a necessary part of your home interior.

  • Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sweeten your life with a little glamour and a little sass with the Betty Boop cuckoo clock. This Betty Boop wall clock is handcrafted and sculpted to give Betty the perfect stage to shine with her silver-plated microphone.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Halloween town is waking up to celebrate the holiday. Dark colors contribute to a creepy event. On every hour, zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. Your favorite characters from “Nightmare before Christmas” are here again.

  • Disney Toy Story Cuckoo Clock

    Excellent time to enjoy animated toys with Disney Pixar Toy Story musical wall cuckoo clock. This cheerful wall clock shows a great mood of perfectly sculpted figurines. Also, the clock is adorned by other characters – Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, three green Army men.

  • Disney Timeless Treachery Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock

    Make your living space different from Classic Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock. Maybe bad guys are not your favorite cartoon characters but without them, there would be no fun.

  • Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Kittens make the most of every moment in the Happy Trails Cuckoo Clock. Inspired by and features the famed kitten art by internationally known artist Jurgen Scholz.

  • The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    This impressive clock’s case is shaped like the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and is superbly handcrafted from top to bottom, including seven hand-painted figures of your favorite characters.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    The Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the delightful charms of Christmas Town from Tim Burton’s movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with The Nightmare Before Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock, a first-of-its-kind timepiece.

  • Disney Timeless Magic 43 Friends Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Timeless Magic Cuckoo Clock with 43 Friends

    Disney clocks enchanting world with wonderful, joyful Disney Timeless Magic cuckoo clock. This castle-shaped colorful wall clock will bring joy to 43 favorite Disney characters. Decorated with glowing golden roofs and bright blue bunting.

  • Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

    Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

    Particularly handpainted, this lively Alice in Wonderland clock has the shape of Mad Hatter’s Hat. Features your popular characters: Alice, White Rabbit, Doorknob, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, and others.

  • Whitetail Gathering Cuckoo Clock

    Get in touch with nature with this Sculpted Deer cuckoo clock. Serene Majesty is captured in the sculpted nature landscape and beautiful deer and hand-painted with lifelike details. Topped by a fully-dimensional stunning 10-point buck sculpture.

  • Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock

    Honor an important moment in U.S. railway history with the Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock. Features intricately sculpted and vividly hand-painted wood case inspired by the train stations of the era. Features a unique moving train at the bottom of the clock.

  • Collectible John Wayne Cuckoo Clock

    The feel and tradition of the old West come to life in this first-ever illuminated John Wayne cuckoo clock. An image of the Duke on his favorite horse, Dollor, takes center stage on the clock face that features old-fashioned numbers and golden hands.

  • Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Cuckoo Clock

    The perfect testament to the American biker’s freedom-loving spirit comes to life in this Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Cuckoo Clock. Both the clock face and the Freedom Choppers billboard bear the words, “Ride Hard. Live Free.”

  • Disney Beauty and the Beast clock

    Disney Beauty and the Beast clock

    Carefully high quality in craftsman’s pitch and handpainted by world-class craftsmen to catch each character’s novel appeal. The hues, characters, and sentiment of Belle and Beast’s huge assembly hall minute are reproduced on this manor-formed divider Disney clock.

  • Hallmark Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Hallmark Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Adorable Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock plays music, light up and then some of the characters move. Drag the mass at the bottom and it rotates and plays the music.

  • Sculpted Wolf Cuckoo Clock

    Sentinels of the Forest Cuckoo Clock, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Two pieces of famed wildlife artist Terry Doughty art of timber wolves combine on a cuckoo clock. The charm of a traditional chalet-style cuckoo clock and finished in a rich mahogany tone.

  • Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock - Front View

    Mark Feldstein CKPNX Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock

    Each hour is announced by snoopy coming through the attic doors, accompanied by the memorable “Linus & Lucy” song. The whimsical clock features a swinging pendulum that can be removed for mantel or tabletop display. At nighttime, a light sensor deactivates the song allowing snoopy (and you) to catch some sleep.

  • Disney Character Cuckoo Clock Happiest Of Times

    Disney Cuckoo Clock Happiest Of Times

    Uniquely designed Disney cuckoo clock with a real wood case featuring 42 Disney characters from the most beloved animated classics, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and other Disney Princess characters, the Winnie-the-Pooh characters, and more!

  • Winnie The Pooh Pooh-Koo Clock QXD1031 Hallmark

    Winnie The Pooh Cuckoo Clock QXD1031 Pooh-Koo Clock

    Christmas tree ornament
    Hallmark 2012 keepsake ornament


  • Anton Schneider 8TMT3170/9 Cuckoo Clock

    It’s no wonder that this cuckoo clock by Anton Schneider is elected for the clock of the year 2014. The large cuckoo clock represents a real Black forest house with its own peculiarities. The first thing which you will notice is a large roof with a belltower and a window.


  • Anton Schneider 1104-9 cuckoo clock

    Cuckoo clock with beer drinker by Anton Schneider is a small clock that is practical for every room. Precisely because of its simplicity, the dark brown color, as well as the size, it is easy to adjust to different interiors. The wooden dial has nice wooden hands and Roman numerals that show the time.


  • Adolf Herr 446/1 8tmt Busy Woodsman Cuckoo Clock - Right Side View

    Adolf Herr 446/1 8tmt Busy Woodsman Cuckoo Clock

    The Busy Wood Chopper 8-day movement cuckoo clock by Adolf Herr a typical Black Forest house. Surrounded by animals and trees, the woodcutter chops his wood.

  • Hones HO 8656T Cuckoo Clock side view 1

    Hones HO 8656T German Cuckoo Clock

    HO 8656T cuckoo clock with moving cow milker by Hones is a gorgeous chalet-style clock that will make you delighted. It is made of dark brown wood which makes it striking. At the top of the clock, there is a wide roof with a bell tower at the top. In front of the dial small well-made figurines transmit the village spirit.

  • Hones HO 6764T Zenzi Cuckoo clock

    Hones HO 6764T Zenzi Cuckoo clock

    Beer lovers will love this amazing cuckoo clock with a beer garden by Hones. The simplicity of figurines, a combination of white and walnut colors make this clock neat and unique. There are Roman white numerals and hands on the black background of the dial, showing the time.

  • HerrZeit AH 223/1 Cuckoo Clock by Adolf Herr

    HerrZeit AH 223/1 Cuckoo Clock by Adolf Herr

    • Hand-carved roof
    • 12 melodies
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Required 3 C batteries
    • Night time-off sensor
  • Rombach & Haas CL14 Modern Cuckoo Clock

    Rombach & Haas CL14 Modern Cuckoo Clock

    Wonderful modern cuckoo clock CL14-1 by Rombach & Haas is able to make your home more urbane.

  • Hekas KA 856 EX Hunting Cuckoo Clock

    Hekas KA 856 EX Hunting Cuckoo Clock

    Oak stag KA 856 EX standing deer hunting cuckoo clock by Hekas with 8-day mechanical REGULA movement.

  • Rombach & Haas RH SL35-9 Modern Cuckoo Clock

    Rombach & Haas RH SL35-9 Modern Cuckoo Clock

    Authentic German Black Forest modern cuckoo clock RH SL35-9 with 8-day-movement by Rombach & Haas.

  • Hekas KA 876 EX Chalet Cuckoo Clock

    Hekas KA 876 EX Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

    A cheerful German cuckoo clock Black Forest with sled and trough by Hekas will enlighten your home interior. Although it is in the category of small cuckoo clocks, it is a very nice clock and surely attracts attention. Colorful, cheerful drawings of flowers adorn the wooden background.

  • Hones HO 179/4NU Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 179/4NU German Cuckoo Clock

    This Hones HO 179/4NU cuckoo clock has an exclusive life-like wooden handpainted cuckoo. The cuckoo clock has a mechanical REGULA movement.

  • August Schwer 1031201C Cuckoo Clock Side View

    August Schwer 10-31201C Chalet Cuckoo Clock

    Black Forest German cuckoo clock with well and bench by August Schwer is a great choice if you like simple yet beautiful. The wooden dial has Roman numerals and fine hands. Four likable windows with green casements and fences rise above the dial.

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