Cuckoo Clocks

 Authentic German Cuckoo Clocks


The cuckoo clocks are typically pendulum-regulated wall clocks that hit the hours with a sound like a typical cuckoo’s call and has an automated cuckoo bird that moves with each note. Some move their wings and open their bills while rolling ahead, whereas, in others, only the bird’s body rolls forward. The mechanism that gives the cuckoo call has been in use since the middle of the 18th century and has continued nearly without change until the present.

The cuckoo clock is one of the most iconic clocks; however, it is slightly unknown who created it and where the first cuckoo clock was made. Although the story of the cuckoo clock is yet a topic of discussion between clockmakers, almost every cuckoo clock specialist acknowledges that the development and evolution of the cuckoo happened in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany.

Although the cuckoo clocks origins remain unknown, proof dates related, though primitive, objects to the mid-17th century.

The original Black Forest cuckoo clocks are associated to Franz Anton Ketterer, a clockmaker from the village of Schönwald, who, encouraged by the bellows of church organs, started incorporating the cuckoo’s sound into clocks. By the mid-18th century, many clock-making workshops in the area were constructing cuckoo wall clocks with wooden gears. Today, Ketterer is identified as one of the establishing fathers of the Black Forest clocks making the industry.

There are different styles of cuckoo wall clocks. Moreover, though the functionality of the cuckoo mechanism has persisted unchanged for more than 300 years, the case designs have evolved. The two most common cuckoo clock styles among collectors and buyers are the traditionally carved style cuckoo clocks and the chalet style cuckoo clocks.

By the modernization, we are getting a new style of the clock designs, modern style cuckoo clocks. Also, today is very popular themed cuckoo clocks. There are plenty of clocks that are now made with battery-powered operation, meaning there is no need to wind your clock every day or week. Certain battery-powered clocks are called quartz cuckoo clocks and develop in many different styles.