Hones Cuckoo Clocks

Hones Cuckoo Clocks


Hones Uhren was established In 1950 by Daniel Hones. Thanks to his knowledge, expertise, and commitment he contributed to the future of the Hones cuckoo clocks.

Thirty years later, precisely in 1984, Wolfgang Trenkle took over the company. When Trenkle was a young boy, he made his first cuckoo clock and since then never stopped. Due to the fact that he comes from of Black Forest clockmakers, it’s no wonder that he still runs this famous company, as its president.

Wolfgang Trenkle was one of the first cuckoo makers who revealed the art of Black Forest cuckoo clocks and presented them to the world, making them a national symbol for German culture.

During these 30 years, Trenkle made an empire of Trenkle cuckoo clocks, expressing his creativity and art.

Hones cuckoo clocks became popular worldwide. Today, you can find about 450 different models by Hones. Trademark of Hones clocks is a company logo, green calligraphic-like letter “H”. Usually, it is set on the top of the clock’s face, instead of the number 12.

It is a very interesting fact that all materials are regional – almost every part is made in the Black Forest and necessarily hand-carved. The wood for the cases and carvings are from Black Forest locations, movements are directly created in the clock-making area. The only exception is a music box that can be produced somewhere else.

Every day, about 60 employees in this company are trying to make cuckoo clocks that will make your wall interior complete.

Hones cuckoo clocks are authentic, hand-made in the Black Forest with Black Forest material. A large selection allows you to choose between large and small clocks, with different themes for every price range. Each clock has its own special story and unique look that will definitely enchant you.

The annual catalog is translated into 8 different languages, and that is the best indicator of their demand and popularity.