Hones Cuckoo Clocks

Hones Cuckoo Clocks


Hones Uhren was established In 1950 by Daniel Hones. Thanks to his knowledge, expertise, and commitment he contributed to the future of the Hones cuckoo clocks.

Thirty years later, precisely in 1984, Wolfgang Trenkle took over the company. When Trenkle was a young boy, he made his first cuckoo clock and since then never stopped. Due to the fact that he comes from of Black Forest clockmakers, it’s no wonder that he still runs this famous company, as its president.

Wolfgang Trenkle was one of the first cuckoo makers who revealed the art of Black Forest cuckoo clocks and presented them to the world, making them a national symbol for German culture.

During these 30 years, Trenkle made an empire of Trenkle cuckoo clocks, expressing his creativity and art.

Hones cuckoo clocks became popular worldwide. Today, you can find about 450 different models by Hones. Trademark of Hones clocks is a company logo, green calligraphic-like letter “H”. Usually, it is set on the top of the clock’s face, instead of the number 12.

It is a very interesting fact that all materials are regional – almost every part is made in the Black Forest and necessarily hand-carved. The wood for the cases and carvings are from Black Forest locations, movements are directly created in the clock-making area. The only exception is a music box that can be produced somewhere else.

Every day, about 60 employees in this company are trying to make cuckoo clocks that will make your wall interior complete.

Hones cuckoo clocks are authentic, hand-made in the Black Forest with Black Forest material. A large selection allows you to choose between large and small clocks, with different themes for every price range. Each clock has its own special story and unique look that will definitely enchant you.

The annual catalog is translated into 8 different languages, and that is the best indicator of their demand and popularity.

  • Hones HO 8656T Cuckoo Clock side view 1

    Hones HO 8656T German Cuckoo Clock

    HO 8656T cuckoo clock with moving cow milker by Hones is a gorgeous chalet-style clock that will make you delighted. It is made of dark brown wood which makes it striking. At the top of the clock, there is a wide roof with a bell tower at the top. In front of the dial small well-made figurines transmit the village spirit.

  • Hones HO 6764T Zenzi Cuckoo clock

    Hones HO 6764T Zenzi Cuckoo clock

    Beer lovers will love this amazing cuckoo clock with a beer garden by Hones. The simplicity of figurines, a combination of white and walnut colors make this clock neat and unique. There are Roman white numerals and hands on the black background of the dial, showing the time.

  • Hones HO 179/4NU Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 179/4NU German Cuckoo Clock

    This Hones HO 179/4NU cuckoo clock has an exclusive life-like wooden handpainted cuckoo. The cuckoo clock has a mechanical REGULA movement.

  • Hones HO 400-3ED Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 400-3ED Cuckoo Clock

    The 13″ traditional 1-day Nesting Edelweiss HO 400-3ED Cuckoo Clock by Hones is a certified German Black Forest clock produced in Schwarzwald.

  • Hones HO 86219T Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 86219T Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 86219T cuckoo clock with moving blacksmith and moving mill wheel is a great choice for cuckoo clock lovers. This 8-day movement chalet-style Hones cuckoo clock has to be wound up weekly.

  • Hones HO 1258 Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 1258 Cuckoo Clock

    This 1-day cuckoo clock movement Hones HO 1258 chalet-style cuckoo clock with woodsman contains many colorful details.

    Windows, balcony, trees, ax, saw – every single object is made perfectly with precision.

  • Hones HO 1213 Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 1213 Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 1213 cuckoo clock Black Forest cottage by Hones will enable you to enter a fairytale. Vivid figurines tell us a very familiar story from childhood. Hansel and Gretel meet a witch in the woods, who lives in a house made of candies.

  • Hones HO 86206T Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 86206T Cuckoo Clock

    There is no doubt that you will fall in love immediately with this majestic Hones HO 86206T cuckoo clock clockmaker’s workshop by Hones. Perfect details leave such an impression that you could watch the clock constantly.

  • Hones HO 6777T Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 6777T Cuckoo Clock

    There is no better decoration from this Hones HO 6777T cuckoo clock with a turning mill-wheel by Hones. Amazing, colorful details adorn the clock, making it unique and cheerful.

  • Hones HO 1288 Cuckoo Clock

    Hones HO 1288 Cuckoo Clock

    Enjoy childhood memories with this Hones HO 1288 cuckoo clock little black forest house. Made of dark wood, the clock showcases a mountain cottage. Recognizable hand-made figurines of well-known characters adorn the clock’s face.