Mark Feldstein

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  • Peanuts Gang Snoopy Cuckoo Clock

    Mark Feldstein Peanuts Gang Cuckoo Clock

    This Peanuts Snoopy gang wall clock by Mark Feldstein is made of acrylic with icy blue color, in the spirit of the holiday. Cheerful friends celebrate and sing Christmas Carols. Snoopy emerges through the attic doors, while the “Linus & Lucy” song plays.

  • Garden Cottage Cuckoo Clock

    Mark Feldstein Garden Cottage Cuckoo Clock

    Garden Cottage cuckoo clock by Mark Feldstein shows beautiful nature. Just one look at these gorgeous colors, flowers, and birds will make you more peaceful. The clock is created of acrylic with a flowering grey finish, that looks like it is made of stone.

  • Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock - Front View

    Mark Feldstein CKPNX Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock

    Each hour is announced by snoopy coming through the attic doors, accompanied by the memorable “Linus & Lucy” song. The whimsical clock features a swinging pendulum that can be removed for mantel or tabletop display. At nighttime, a light sensor deactivates the song allowing snoopy (and you) to catch some sleep.