Motion and Musical Clocks

Walk into the new, irresistible, and magical world of divine melodies and motions with Motion and Musical Clocks.

Not only that these musical clocks indicate the time but also make an inevitable part of your home interior, giving a hint of elegance to every room. Wall clocks are in various shapes and colors, with various movements and song playlists. Every person can find the right clock, adjusted to everyone’s taste.

Musical Clocks

All musical clocks are different than each other regardless of their common characteristics and it has its fairytale to tell. It is difficult to point out the common distinction since each is specific and unique in its way. However, there are a few similarities.

Musical clocks’ general features

Firstly, the most important quality of these musical motion clocks is delightful music. At every hour one of the songs starts to play and at the same time, the motion starts. Songs are usually grouped into, two or three selections, including Christmas songs, which will complete the festive atmosphere in your home.

The “Smart” light sensor automatically turns off songs and movements when it becomes dark in the room, protecting you from an unpleasant awakening during the night if you accidentally forget to switch it off.

You don’t have to wait a whole hour to pass, to see or show your guests the magic of the music and motion. By pressing the demonstration button wonderful show begins immediately, so you can enjoy it whenever you want to.

Volume control allows you to adjust sounds and chimes volume whether you want to make it louder or a quitter.

The on-off switch permits you to quiet your clock on demand but continues to indicate the perfect time.

A rotating or waving pendulum at the bottom of the clock and Swarovski crystals decorate the clock’s face, often together with a fine topical background depending on which clock you choose.

Without exception, every watch deserves special attention and definitely, you will not be disappointed…

Musical clocks:

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