Musical Cuckoo Clocks

Musical cuckoo clocks


One of the things that make Black Forest musical cuckoo clocks complete and magical is music. Not every clock has music, but it is certainly that songs contribute to the whole experience. Usually, music plays on every half and full hour or on every full hour. A cuckoo bird appears and calls and then one of the songs starts to play.

Musical cuckoo clocks with 1-day clock movement and 8-day clock movement have two or three melodies, it depends on the specific clock. The most popular songs are Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer. Also, sometimes are used this music – Trink Bruederlein Trink and In Muenchen Steht Ein Hofbraeuhaus to emphasize the Bavarian style.

On the other side, it’s different with quartz cuckoo clocks. They can have even 12 melodies that play on every hour. In the background, it is often heard the sound of water flowing. The number of available tones also varies. If the clock has more tones, the sound will be better. Anyway, every musical cuckoo clock is a good choice, and you will not regret it if you buy any of these.

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