Small World Rhythm Clocks

Small World Clocks

Small World Rhythm clocks give you an excellent chance to decorate your living place and make it pleasant. A thing that is characteristic of these Rhythm musical clocks is the fact that there is a division of the clocks with a moving dial (Magic Motion Clock) and the clocks where the dial doesn’t move, but the other part waves or rotates as the music plays (Musical Motion Clock).

But in addition, there is still a more detailed division of these wonderful Rhythm Clocks, that groups them into a few series.

Small World Rhythm Clocks Series:

  • Timecracker series – the dial separates into two pieces, actually it “breaks apart” in half.
  • Nostalgia series – the dial of the Rhythm clock opens into 3 sections, revealing ornament surprise behind it.
  • Anthology series – these wonderfully Rhythm musical clocks have a dial that separates them into 6 equal pieces.
  • Gala series – dial does not separate into pieces, but the whole dial spins around the face.
  • Encore series – numerals are parted into six groups of two numbers and rotate around each other.
  • Music Instruments series – these Rhythm clocks have an unusual shape, to be exact in the shape of the instrument, with little decorative instruments in the clock.
  • Tri-Cracker series – the dial is divided into 3 parts that rotate, while three numbers stay still (2, 6, and 10).
  • Blessing series – the dial splits into two parts, closes at the bottom of the clock, and again opens and closes when it returns to its initial place.

Regardless of the similarity within a Small World Rhythm clocks series, it can be said that each of the clocks has something special that makes it unique and distinctive.

It’s a small world clock

Usually, all Rhythm musical clocks are constructed with wooden or plastic wooden-like, polished frames, which gives the overall appearance a special charm.

Gold and silver decorations in various forms (bells, figurines, musical instruments, swans, dancers, ballerinas, angels, etc.) make the face of the Rhythm clock breathtaking.

Sparkling Swarovski crystals grace the face arranged all over it, in different sizes and colors. Rotating or swinging pendulum with Swarovski crystals, placed at the bottom, often contributes to the magical atmosphere. LED lights often make part of the clock glitter when the music plays.

The Small World Rhythm Clocks contain 18-30 divine melodies divided into 3 selections: Americana or Popular, Classical, and Christmas melodies selection.

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