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Unique themed cuckoo clocks styles keep your personal style and interests in a brand new way. A perfect union of design and intensity, of sound, lights, and motion, these themed cuckoo clocks emphasize unique and popular themes that fans have been in love with for years.

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  • Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Celebrate some of Disney’s most famous starring roles with this charming Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock. Hand-sculpted and hand-painted in 3 delightful dimensions. Licensed from Disney.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Halloween town is waking up to celebrate the holiday. Dark colors contribute to a creepy event. On every hour, zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. Your favorite characters from “Nightmare before Christmas” are here again.

  • Disney Beauty and the Beast clock

    Disney Beauty and the Beast clock

    Carefully high quality in craftsman’s pitch and handpainted by world-class craftsmen to catch each character’s novel appeal. The hues, characters, and sentiment of Belle and Beast’s huge assembly hall minute are reproduced on this manor formed divider clock.

  • Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sweeten your life with a little glamour and a little sass with the Betty Boop cuckoo clock. This Betty Boop wall clock is handcrafted and sculpted to give Betty the perfect stage to shine with her silver-plated microphone.

  • Chicago Bears Wall Clock

    Chicago Bears Wall Clock

    Fans from Chicago now have an occasion to show their pride in an original way. Chicago Bears quartz cuckoo clock is now available in navy blue and burnt orange.

  • Chicago Blackhawks Wall Clock

    Chicago Blackhawks Wall Clock

    Celebrate your favorite ice hockey team with the majestic Chicago Blackhawks wall clock. One of the “Original Six” NHL teams certainly deserves to be honored this way.

  • Red Nosed Reindeer Rudolph Cuckoo Clock

    Red Nosed Reindeer Rudolph Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the longest-running TV Christmas special in history with the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rudolph cuckoo clock. Overflows with charming details and 10 beloved characters, including Clarice, Hermey the Elf, Sam the Snowman, Santa, and Rudolph.

  • Green Bay Packers Wall Clock

    Green Bay Packers Wall Clock

    You can celebrate all that won championships with this Green Bay Packer’s cuckoo clock. The main part of the clock belongs to an image of the Packers’ iconic playing field.

  • San Francisco 49ers Wall Clock

    San Francisco 49ers Wall Clock

    The San Francisco 49ers wall clock is the best way for fans to glorify their favorite team. This San Francisco 49ers cuckoo clock is a classy display of this famous team with delicate design and details.

  • Michigan Wolverines Wall Clock

    Michigan Wolverines Wall Clock

    Fans can celebrate all future wins of their beloved team with the Michigan Wolverines cuckoo clock. This amazing wall clock is made in blue/maize colors, presenting in this way the current uniform of the team.

  • New Orleans Saints wall clock

    New Orleans Saints Wall Clock

    If you are a fan of New Orleans Saints then this wall clock is the rights choice for you. The hand-painted black color with gold finishing makes the New Orleans Saints wall clock simple, but very elegant.

  • Seattle Seahawks wall clock

    Seattle Seahawks Wall Clock

    Seattle Seahawks wall clock is an excellent way to make honor to your beloved team. This Seattle Seahawks cuckoo clock presents all the recognizable features of this well-known American football team.

  • Minnesota Vikings wall clock

    Minnesota Vikings Wall Clock

    Astonishing Minnesota Vikings wall clock is the perfect way to show your pride. The Minnesota Vikings cuckoo clock is very striking because it is made in noticeable and bright purple and golden details.

  • Denver Broncos wall clock

    Denver Broncos Wall Clock

    This Denver Broncos cuckoo clock is painted in striking blue and orange color. Celebrate your favorite American football franchise from Denver with this majestic Denver Broncos wall clock.

  • Dallas Cowboys Wall Clock

    Team pride takes a timeless twist with this Dallas Cowboys cuckoo clock. Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC. A handcrafted body enhanced with bold hand-painted details in Cowboys blue and silver.

  • German Shepherd Cuckoo Clock

    Pass the time with the lovable charm of German Shepherds with the German Shepherd Cuckoo Clock. Two of Linda Picken’s most engaging German Shepherd portraits grace this custom-crafted wooden wall clock inspired by traditional designs.

  • The Flying Scotsman Cuckoo Clock

    Relive the allure of the Flying Scotsman with this 150th Anniversary Edition of a train-themed cuckoo clock. Features intricately sculpted and vividly hand-painted wood case.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    The Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the delightful charms of Christmas Town from Tim Burton’s movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with The Nightmare Before Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock, a first-of-its-kind timepiece. This fully sculptural cuckoo clock is handcrafted and features Jack Skellington in his disguise, Lock, Shock and Barrel, Santa’s elves, and Halloween Town toys.

  • Moments Of Majesty Bald Eagle Cuckoo Clock

    Handcrafted Bald Eagle Cuckoo Clock

    If you are a nature lover then there is no doubt that you will be fascinated with the Moments Of Majesty cuckoo clock. Perfectly hand-crafted to emphasize every single detail, this cuckoo clock shows the beauty of the natural wilderness.

  • Frolicking Felines Cuckoo Clock

    Frolicking Felines Cuckoo Clock

    Make your home interior delightful with this irresistible Frolicking Felines cuckoo clock. The clock has the shape of an enchanting small wooden cottage with some rock elements. Colorful flowers decorate the wall clock making the whole environment spring-like.

  • Peanuts Gang Snoopy Cuckoo Clock

    Mark Feldstein Peanuts Gang Cuckoo Clock

    This Peanuts Snoopy gang wall clock by Mark Feldstein is made of acrylic with icy blue color, in the spirit of the holiday. Cheerful friends celebrate and sing Christmas Carols. Snoopy emerges through the attic doors, while the “Linus & Lucy” song plays.

  • Garden Cottage Cuckoo Clock

    Mark Feldstein Garden Cottage Cuckoo Clock

    Garden Cottage cuckoo clock by Mark Feldstein shows beautiful nature. Just one look at these gorgeous colors, flowers, and birds will make you more peaceful. The clock is created of acrylic with a flowering grey finish, that looks like it is made of stone.

  • United States Navy Cuckoo Clock

    United States Navy Cuckoo Clock

    The United States Navy clock is one of the ways to demonstrate appreciation to the brave men and women in the Navy who serve our country. Honor Courage Commitment – are the words that describe the United States Navy cuckoo clock.

  • United States Military Time Cuckoo Clock

    United States Military Cuckoo Clock

    This We’ll Defend Military cuckoo clock is made to honor the brave defenders of the country. A noticeable beautiful mahogany wooden body of the cuckoo clock. Salute to the heroes of the United States Military with this exceptional “This We’ll Defend” army time clock.

  • The Star Wars Clock: Return of the Jedi Wall Clock

    The Star Wars Wall Clock

    Star Wars fans will fall in love with this collectible Star Wars clock. The wall clock actually replicates the sixth episode of the legendary movie – Return of the Jedi. Sculpted figurines of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the Emperor.

  • Commitment To Courage Firefighter Cuckoo Clock

    Commitment To Courage Firefighter Cuckoo Clock

    Courage is a trait that best describes firefighters and their daily sacrifice. Firefighter cuckoo clock Commitment to Courage is one of the best ways to honor their occupation. This exceptional firefighter clock features a mahogany-toned clock body ornamented with golden stars.

  • The Star Trek Cuckoo Clock

    The Star Trek Cuckoo Clock

    The first-ever Star Trek cuckoo clock features a montage of the original series crew with sound and motion. Standing nearly 2 feet high, this handcrafted, wooden cuckoo clock face is protected by glass and adorned by the Star Trek and Enterprise logos.

  • Disney Toy Story Cuckoo Clock

    Excellent time to enjoy animated toys with Disney Pixar Toy Story musical wall cuckoo clock. This cheerful wall clock shows a great mood of perfectly sculpted figurines. Also, the clock is adorned by other characters – Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, three green Army men.

  • Disney The Lion King Wall Clock

    There is no person who didn’t prefer this Disney’s character, Simba. You have an occasion to enjoy the spirit of the Pride Lands with this extraordinary The Lion King wall clock. The clock actually shows the savannah sky with numerals and black hands in the center.

  • The Addams Family Wall Clock

    The most beloved and strange family through the years, The Addams Family, is once again with us. Right now you have the ability to own this limited-edition Addams Family wall clock.

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