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  • United States Navy Cuckoo Clock

    United States Navy Cuckoo Clock

    The United States Navy clock is one of the ways to demonstrate appreciation to the brave men and women in the Navy who serve our country. Honor Courage Commitment – are the words that describe the United States Navy cuckoo clock.

  • United States Military Time Cuckoo Clock

    United States Military Cuckoo Clock

    This We’ll Defend Military cuckoo clock is made to honor the brave defenders of the country. A noticeable beautiful mahogany wooden body of the cuckoo clock. Salute to the heroes of the United States Military with this exceptional “This We’ll Defend” army time clock.

  • The Star Wars Clock: Return of the Jedi Wall Clock

    The Star Wars Wall Clock

    Star Wars fans will fall in love with this collectible Star Wars clock. The wall clock actually replicates the sixth episode of the legendary movie – Return of the Jedi. Sculpted figurines of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the Emperor.

  • Commitment To Courage Firefighter Cuckoo Clock

    Commitment To Courage Firefighter Cuckoo Clock

    Courage is a trait that best describes firefighters and their daily sacrifice. Firefighter cuckoo clock Commitment to Courage is one of the best ways to honor their occupation. This exceptional firefighter clock features a mahogany-toned clock body ornamented with golden stars.

  • The Star Trek Cuckoo Clock

    The Star Trek Cuckoo Clock

    The first-ever Star Trek cuckoo clock features a montage of the original series crew with sound and motion. Standing nearly 2 feet high, this handcrafted, wooden cuckoo clock face is protected by glass and adorned by the Star Trek and Enterprise logos.

  • Disney Toy Story Cuckoo Clock

    Excellent time to enjoy animated toys with Disney Pixar Toy Story musical wall cuckoo clock. This cheerful wall clock shows a great mood of perfectly sculpted figurines. Also, the clock is adorned by other characters – Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, three green Army men.

  • Disney The Lion King Wall Clock

    There is no person who didn’t prefer this Disney’s character, Simba. You have an occasion to enjoy the spirit of the Pride Lands with this extraordinary The Lion King wall clock. The clock actually shows the savannah sky with numerals and black hands in the center.

  • The Addams Family Wall Clock

    The Addams Family Wall Clock

    The most beloved and strange family through the years, The Addams Family, is once again with us. Right now you have the ability to own this limited-edition Addams Family wall clock.

  • Charlie Brown Christmas Cuckoo Clock - Side View

    Charlie Brown Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Complete Christmas spirit with this amazing Peanuts wall clock. Gold decorative pendulum with text “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. Gold dial with black hands and numbers. Figurines of Charlie Brown and his friends.

  • Whitetail Gathering Cuckoo Clock

    Get in touch with nature with this Sculpted Deer cuckoo clock. Serene Majesty is captured in the sculpted nature landscape and beautiful deer and hand-painted with lifelike details. Topped by a fully-dimensional stunning 10-point buck sculpture.

  • Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    This marvelous Harry Potter wall clock recreates the most famous school of wizard and witchcraft – Hogwarts Scool. Harry Potter with his friends, Hermione and Ron, perform the magic. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this handcrafted wall clock is a necessary part of your home interior.

  • Linda Picken Playful Pups Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate your favorite dog breed every minute of the day with the Playful Pups cuckoo clock, featuring the art of acclaimed award-winning artist Linda Picken.

  • Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Wonderful Disney Snow White clock from Bradford Exchange. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hidden Treasure Clock. Everything is hand-crafted, hand-painted, and absolutely perfect.

  • Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Kittens make the most of every moment in the Happy Trails Cuckoo Clock. Inspired by and features the famed kitten art by internationally known artist Jurgen Scholz.

  • The Munsters Cuckoo Clock with Lights and Music

    The Munsters Cuckoo Clock, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Designed in the shape of the Munsters House, this fully sculpted clock is hand-cast and hand-painted in black and white, reminiscent of the beloved television classic.

  • Disney Timeless Treachery Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock

    Make your living space different from Classic Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock. Maybe bad guys are not your favorite cartoon characters but without them, there would be no fun.

  • Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock

    Honor an important moment in U.S. railway history with the Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock. Features intricately sculpted and vividly hand-painted wood case inspired by the train stations of the era. Features a unique moving train at the bottom of the clock.

  • The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    This impressive clock’s case is shaped like the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and is superbly handcrafted from top to bottom, including seven hand-painted figures of your favorite characters.

  • Collectible John Wayne Cuckoo Clock

    The feel and tradition of the old West come to life in this first-ever illuminated John Wayne cuckoo clock. An image of the Duke on his favorite horse, Dollor, takes center stage on the clock face that features old-fashioned numbers and golden hands.

  • Thomas Kinkade Timeless Memories Cuckoo Clock

    Amazing pictures of famous American artist Thomas Kinkade. Two pictures of an idyllic nature decorate this unique home decor piece. Golden metal pinecones and waving pendulum additionally decorate the cuckoo clock.

  • Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Cuckoo Clock

    The perfect testament to the American biker’s freedom-loving spirit comes to life in this Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Cuckoo Clock. Both the clock face and the Freedom Choppers billboard bear the words, “Ride Hard. Live Free.”

  • Farmall Times Cuckoo Clock

    Honor an essential piece of American farming history with this Farmall cuckoo clock, an officially-licensed Farmall Times. This handsome barn-shaped wall clock showcases artist Charles Frietag’s full-color farming imagery beneath a vintage-inspired clock face that features an iconic Farmall logo.

  • Allis Chalmers Cuckoo Clock Dave Barnhouse Farm

    Honor the rich history of the manufacturer Allis-Chalmers with this barn-shaped Allis-Chalmers Cuckoo Clock. Over 1-1/2 feet tall, this handcrafted wood farm clock features classic farm imagery from renowned artist Dave Barnhouse.

  • Disney The Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock

    Let The Muppets bring laughter, entertainment, and lights to every hour with the Disney The Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock.

  • Barnyard Strut Rooster Cuckoo Clock

    Rosemary Millette’s rooster art decorates the front of the wall clock while another sculpted rooster appears to announce each hour with a cheerful crow.

  • Motorcycle-Themed Time Of Freedom Cuckoo Clock

    Time Of Freedom Cuckoo Clock

    This unique wall decor is expertly handcrafted with a black-hued wooden case, complete with gleaming chrome-finished accents and textured leather panel for a contemporary twist on a time-honored classic. A sculpted eagle, handcrafted in fine artist’s resin, soars at the top of the case.

  • Firefighter Cuckoo Clock

    Around The Clock Heroes Cuckoo Clock

    Honor the firefighting tradition with the Firefighter cuckoo clock. Award-winning artist Glen Green’s compelling images of firefighters in action are showcased on the cuckoo clock face, as well as the frame below. With sound and motion!

  • Peanuts Halloween Party Cuckoo Clock with Lights Music Motion

    Halloween Party Peanuts Cuckoo Clock

    PEANUTS Halloween Party cuckoo clock. Features eight PEANUTS characters, including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Linus, and Lucy.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cuckoo Clock

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cuckoo Clock

    Fully-sculpted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cuckoo clock showcases their iconic underground covert finished with hand-painted figures of Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, Splinter, and Shredder.

  • Disney Spooktacular Halloween Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Spooktacular Halloween Cuckoo Clock

    Remarkable Disney Halloween cuckoo clock has a shape of a three-story hunted house with nine recognizable Disney characters. The spooky theme plays hourly according to Halloween ambiance every time.

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