August Schwer Cuckoo Clocks

Award-Winning August Schwer Cuckoo Clocks


August Schwer cuckoo clock company was established in 1885, in Schoenwald. These clocks are made in the heart of the Black Forest and consequently, they show the real, majestic spirit of this place.

Andreas Winter, an employer in this company for a very long time takes over August Schwer’s cuckoo clocks. Since he knew the way of working very well, he developed the activity and made this brand very popular.

These clocks won five-time the Year Awards, the last time in the year 2015, which shows great progress. August Schwer cuckoo clocks include diverse choices. Every single cuckoo clock is made with special attention and love. You can see it in a lot of details and wonderful carvings, that make you breathless. It needs to be emphasized that the company mostly uses domestic materials.

Of course, the most important is the wood that comes from the Black Forest region. August Schwer cuckoo clocks impersonate incredible scenery, conveying a piece of German history and culture. In its best way shows the spirit of nature and the countryside using carefully made figurines and shapes.