Quartz Cuckoo Clocks

Battery Operated – Quartz Cuckoo Clocks Movement


Unlike the 1-day cuckoo clocks and 8-day cuckoo clocks movements that need to be wound up, the quartz clocks are battery-operated cuckoo clocks, so they need a battery to work.

Many manufacturers consider that these clocks are not real Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Actually, there isn’t any other difference.

Quartz cuckoo clocks have the same quality as 1-day and 8-day movement clocks. They also have weights and chains, but only as a decoration.

The running time of the batteries is approximately one year. The cuckoo bird call sounds like a real bird in the wild that is distinctive from the traditional cuckoo sound.

  • Disney The Lion King Wall Clock

    There is no person who didn’t prefer this Disney’s character, Simba. You have an occasion to enjoy the spirit of the Pride Lands with this extraordinary The Lion King wall clock. The clock actually shows the savannah sky with numerals and black hands in the center.

  • Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock Through The Years

    Celebrate some of Disney’s most famous starring roles with this charming Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock. Hand-sculpted and hand-painted in 3 delightful dimensions. Licensed from Disney.

  • Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock

    Wonderful Disney Snow White clock from Bradford Exchange. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hidden Treasure Clock. Everything is hand-crafted, hand-painted, and absolutely perfect.

  • Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    Harry Potter Wall Clock | Fully-Sculpted Hogwarts Castle

    This marvelous Harry Potter wall clock recreates the most famous school of wizard and witchcraft – Hogwarts Scool. Harry Potter with his friends, Hermione and Ron, perform the magic. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this handcrafted wall clock is a necessary part of your home interior.

  • Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sculpted Betty Boop Wall Clock

    Sweeten your life with a little glamour and a little sass with the Betty Boop cuckoo clock. This Betty Boop wall clock is handcrafted and sculpted to give Betty the perfect stage to shine with her silver-plated microphone.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

    Halloween town is waking up to celebrate the holiday. Dark colors contribute to a creepy event. On every hour, zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. Your favorite characters from “Nightmare before Christmas” are here again.

  • Disney Toy Story Cuckoo Clock

    Excellent time to enjoy animated toys with Disney Pixar Toy Story musical wall cuckoo clock. This cheerful wall clock shows a great mood of perfectly sculpted figurines. Also, the clock is adorned by other characters – Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, three green Army men.

  • Disney Timeless Treachery Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock

    Make your living space different from Classic Disney Villains Cuckoo Clock. Maybe bad guys are not your favorite cartoon characters but without them, there would be no fun.

  • Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Happy Tails Cuckoo Clock with Kitten Art

    Kittens make the most of every moment in the Happy Trails Cuckoo Clock. Inspired by and features the famed kitten art by internationally known artist Jurgen Scholz.

  • The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    The Wizard of Oz Cuckoo Clock

    This impressive clock’s case is shaped like the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and is superbly handcrafted from top to bottom, including seven hand-painted figures of your favorite characters.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    The Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock

    Celebrate the delightful charms of Christmas Town from Tim Burton’s movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with The Nightmare Before Christmas Town Cuckoo Clock, a first-of-its-kind timepiece.

  • Disney Timeless Magic 43 Friends Cuckoo Clock

    Disney Timeless Magic Cuckoo Clock with 43 Friends

    Disney clocks enchanting world with wonderful, joyful Disney Timeless Magic cuckoo clock. This castle-shaped colorful wall clock will bring joy to 43 favorite Disney characters. Decorated with glowing golden roofs and bright blue bunting.

  • Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

    Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

    Particularly handpainted, this lively Alice in Wonderland clock has the shape of Mad Hatter’s Hat. Features your popular characters: Alice, White Rabbit, Doorknob, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, and others.

  • Whitetail Gathering Cuckoo Clock

    Get in touch with nature with this Sculpted Deer cuckoo clock. Serene Majesty is captured in the sculpted nature landscape and beautiful deer and hand-painted with lifelike details. Topped by a fully-dimensional stunning 10-point buck sculpture.

  • Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock

    Honor an important moment in U.S. railway history with the Golden Spike Train Cuckoo Clock. Features intricately sculpted and vividly hand-painted wood case inspired by the train stations of the era. Features a unique moving train at the bottom of the clock.

  • Collectible John Wayne Cuckoo Clock

    The feel and tradition of the old West come to life in this first-ever illuminated John Wayne cuckoo clock. An image of the Duke on his favorite horse, Dollor, takes center stage on the clock face that features old-fashioned numbers and golden hands.

  • Hallmark Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Hallmark Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock QGO1367

    Adorable Santa’s Magic Cuckoo Clock plays music, light up and then some of the characters move. Drag the mass at the bottom and it rotates and plays the music.

  • Sculpted Wolf Cuckoo Clock

    Sentinels of the Forest Cuckoo Clock, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Two pieces of famed wildlife artist Terry Doughty art of timber wolves combine on a cuckoo clock. The charm of a traditional chalet-style cuckoo clock and finished in a rich mahogany tone.

  • Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock - Front View

    Mark Feldstein CKPNX Christmas Peanuts Cuckoo Clock

    Each hour is announced by snoopy coming through the attic doors, accompanied by the memorable “Linus & Lucy” song. The whimsical clock features a swinging pendulum that can be removed for mantel or tabletop display. At nighttime, a light sensor deactivates the song allowing snoopy (and you) to catch some sleep.

  • Trenkle TU 448 QT HZZG German Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle TU 448 QT Dancers Cuckoo Clock

    Cuckoo clock with dancers on the porch by Trenkle will definitely delight you with its unique details. A rock-like surface partially decorates the wooden brown background. In front of the dial, there are handpainted figurines of husband and wife.

  • Trenkle TU 4202 QM Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle TU 4202 QM Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle Quartz cuckoo clock Black Forest house with music TU 4202 QM. The clock has a battery-operated movement with automatic night-off.

  • Trenkle TU 377 QMT Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle TU 377 QMT Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle Quartz cuckoo clock with music 7 leaves, 3 birds TU 377 QMT. The clock plays 12 Songs.

  • Trenkle TU 4203 QM Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle TU 4203 QM Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Who’s up for one incredible cute mantel clock? This chalet-style cuckoo clock by Trenkle is very simple, but not common. The natural wooden base color of the clock is mixed with a darker shade of brown. The smooth clock’s dial contains Roman numerals and dark brown hands that show the time.

  • Kendal MX313 Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock

    Kendal MX313 Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock

    Kendal Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock MX313 features a vintage look with hand-crafted details, a sweet tone, and excellent timekeeping expertise. It is mainly produced of top-quality solid wood and surely can give the right bit of nature to your home.

  • Trenkle Bird and Grapes TU 359 Q Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle 359 Q Bird and Grapes Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle Quartz Cuckoo Clock 6 Leaves, Bird, Grapes TU 359 Q authentic black forest premium clock by Trenkle Uhren

  • Kuckulino TU 2018 PQ Trenkle Uhren Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle 2018 PQ Kuckulino Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle Uhren Kuckulino Black Forest cuckoo clock with quartz movement and cuckoo chime, turning dancers, incl. battery TU 2018 PQ.

  • Trenkle 457 QT Swiss House Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle 457 QT Swiss House Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Chalet-style cuckoo clock with musicians is one more magical clock made by the Trenkle Uhren company. The face of the clock is made from brown wood with a ribbed design. On one side there is a porch, with a rock-like dais and a wooden decorative fence. On that porch, stand dancers in traditional clothes that move when the music plays.

  • Trenkle 469 QMT HZZG Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle TU 469 QMT Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Cuckoo clock with dancers and animals by Trenkle is made of dark brown wood. A white wooden dial makes a great contrast with brown numerals and hands. Above the dial, four figurines in traditional clothes emerge on the balcony. It’s interesting that everyone has an animal by their side or holding it in their arms. These figurines start dancing the moment the song plays.

  • Large Muji Cuckoo Clock

    Large Muji Cuckoo Clock

    The large white Muji cuckoo clock is a modern update of a classic cuckoo clock featuring a light-sensitive bird that announces the hour with natural sounds. Simple and modern clock design, made by MUJI.

  • Lemnos Birdhouse Clock Cuckoo Clock NY16-12 NT

    Lemnos Birdhouse Cuckoo Clock NY16-12 NT

    The Lemnos Birdhouse Clock is a cuckoo clock that tells the time with a lovely sound and the murmur of a brook. The Birdhouse Cuckoo Clock NY16-12 NT is made in Japan by Lemnos Inc., designed by Yuichi Nara.

  • Progetti Oak wood natural Cucuruku cuckoo clock - side view

    Progetti Oak Wood & Tree White Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock

    Make your home interior majestic with this Oak wood natural Cucuruku clock by Progetti. This Progetti Tree white cuckoo clock is made of oak wood in the shape of a rectangle.

  • Alexander Taron 404QM Cuckoo Clock

    Alexander Taron 404QM Cuckoo Clock

    If you want a simple clock, but yet effective and adorable then this quartz cuckoo clock with bears by Alexander Taron is a great selection for you. The wooden dial has classy hands and Roman numerals that indicate the time.


  • Engstler 473 QMT Cuckoo Clock

    Engstler 473 QMT Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Enjoy in amazing shapes with a cuckoo clock with moving wood chopper and mill wheel by Engstler. A traditional black forest house is covered with wood shingles. The clock has a quartz/battery-operated movement mechanism.


  • Engstler 48110 QMT Cuckoo Clock

    Engstler 48110 QMT Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Chalet cuckoo clock with moving train by Engstler is truly fantastic. It looks beautiful, the movements are flawless and the music is astonishing.


  • Trenkle 453 Q HZZG Cuckoo Clock

    Trenkle 453 Q Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Every room deserves a decoration like Trenkle 453 Q HZZG quartz cuckoo clock with musician and dancers by Trenkle Uhren. The face of the clock is colored blue and it makes a great contrast to wooden ornaments.

  • Trenkle 4215 QM Cuckoo Clock 2

    Trenkle 4215 QM Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Take a peek into the magical world of nature with Trenkle 4215 QM quartz cuckoo clock with Black Forest woman by Trenkle Uhren. The clock is hand-made with diverse details that make it unique and delightful.

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