Adolf Herr Cuckoo Clocks

Adolf Herr cuckoo clocks have a really long tradition in making Black forest clocks. Generations backward started to manifest their unique talent. In the 1780s, Adolf Herr’s ancestor, Johann Hiller made cuckoo clocks and then learned his son-in-law, Johann Baptist Rainer, born in 1763.

He continued the tradition and taught his son-in-law Christian Herr, born in 1814. At that point, each generation passed their making clock skills from father to son. Christian Herr taught the craft to Bernhard Herr, who taught Robert Herr, and Robert taught Rudolf Herr. Adolf Herr, son of Rudolf Herr, started to make clocks in 1977 in Hornberg, Germany. That year he initiated his business and opened the House of Black Forest Clocks. In that manner, he followed up with his ancestors and nurtured a long family tradition.

Adolf Herr’s son Juergen, inheritor of the big cuckoo clock legacy built an image around the world in making some of the most amazing cuckoo clocks. At first glance, everyone can notice commitment and love for Adolf Herr cuckoo clocks that grew for decades.

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  • Adolf Herr 446/1 8tmt Busy Woodsman Cuckoo Clock - Right Side View

    Adolf Herr 446/1 8tmt Busy Woodsman Cuckoo Clock

    The Busy Wood Chopper 8-day movement cuckoo clock by Adolf Herr a typical Black Forest house. Surrounded by animals and trees, the woodcutter chops his wood.

  • HerrZeit AH 223/1 Cuckoo Clock by Adolf Herr

    HerrZeit AH 223/1 Cuckoo Clock by Adolf Herr

    • Hand-carved roof
    • 12 melodies
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Required 3 C batteries
    • Night time-off sensor
  • Adolf Herr 840/1 Woodsman Hunter Cuckoo Clock

    Adolf Herr 840/1 Woodsman Hunter Cuckoo Clock

    Once again HerrZeit by Adolf Herr’s collection represents to you a brilliant work that will thrill you. The Hunter and the Woodchopper cuckoo clock indeed is full of delightful details, with a classic Black Forest house. At the top of the clock is a shingled roof, that has one side longer, with a chimney and attic window.

  • Bavarian Guesthouse 488-11 Adolf Herr Cuckoo Clock

    Adolf Herr 488-11 Bavarian Guesthouse Cuckoo Clock

    Amazing Adolf Herr cuckoo clock with a Bavarian-style beerhouse. Every single detail is made and situated perfectly. Two melodies are available – Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer. The incredible chalet cuckoo clock has an 8-day movement mechanism.

  • Adolf Herr Happy Family Cuckoo Clock

    Adolf Herr A Happy Family Cuckoo Clock

    A Happy Family House cuckoo clock by Adolf Herr represents an amazing art of decoration. From a hand-carved roof, a bell tower, a chimney at the top, to hand-painted Gentian and Sunflowers at the bottom of the clock – everything makes this clock unique and inevitable detail.